Groundhog Day

Quivey's snowman, Verona
dwm photo
Jimmy and Phil may get their forecasts right today.  Or not.

Six more weeks of winter.

Six weeks until spring.

Maybe it's not when or whether (weather?) spring arrives; the hog's purpose is to take our minds off the long walk through winter.

Just for a few minutes this morning, we can check online or gather around the television to see what those furry meteorologists predict.  Even if it's snowing sideways - we may not care so much, especially if Phil has clouds overhead (meaning an early spring).

An even better idea might be to spend it watching a 1993 movie over and over and over and over again.

Spoiler alert (although if you haven't seen this classic yet, shame on you)... Andi McDowell's character eventually falls for the Renaissance weather man played by Bill Murray.

In addition to being a fun movie, it's a much better way to spend the day than waiting on a rodent.