Kohler Design Gallery
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Maybe you have something with the Kohler name on it in your home.  A faucet or a toilet. Maybe a sink, tub, or shower.

Just like many other household names, Kohler had humble beginnings.

John Michael Kohler and Charles Silberzahn bought an iron foundry in Sheboygan to make farm equipment.

In 1883, Kohler added enamel to a cast-iron horse trough and marketed it with legs as a bathtub for farm houses.

Historic fixtures
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The rest is history and beyond.

The magnificent Kohler Design Gallery describes the trip from tub to toilets to ultra-modern and bold bathrooms.

Kohler added engines and generators a short time later.  Then they moved into tile, cabinetry, and furniture.  An affiliate company operates a Spa, magnificent hotels, and elite golf courses.

The Gallery Center's top two floors show off fixtures as exquisite examples of form and function.

Design Gallery Wall
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This is one cool place.  There are engines lining the walls.  You'll see high-end faucets and sinks ready for the Taj Mahal.

There is a series of dream kitchens and bathrooms on the top level (I don't understand all those chairs in the bathroom, who are you talking to?) that will blow your mind (and your budget if you aren't careful).

It's an incredible real-life version of the American dream.  You should go see it.