SING Deserves Encore

I'd seen the ads for the movie for nearly all of 2016.

The trailers were funny, some laugh out loud funny.

On the other hand, we've all been to movies where the best parts were what we saw in those 30 second ads.

SING earns a standing ovation through a nifty bit of good writing, well-conceived characters, quick cameras to keep the action moving, and a story which wouldn't embarrass you in front of your kids or your grandmother.

The story follows Mr. Moon, a starry-eyed dreamer who yearns to bring great theater to the masses.

Unfortunately, not enough fannies in the seats and a bank who wants more dollars in its accounts.

Did I mention Mr. Moon is a Koala Bear?  His secretary an Iguana who never blends in.

In a wild scheme to fend off the creditors a singing competition is created.  The grand prize draws a line stretching around the block, but when a glitch is discovered it appears to be curtains for the Moon theater.

As the title suggests, you get entertained through some inventive musical song and dance numbers and at the end of the reel enjoy the show too.

SING beat my expectations.  It's a heart-warming, sincere, good old-fashioned fun time at the movies!