Rosie's Bakery and Coffee Bar

4604 Monona Dr, Monona
dwm photo
Rosie's Bakery and Coffee Bar is just off the main drag in Monona, a community surrounded either by the lake with its name or Madison.

It's just south of the Monona Grove High School in a little strip mall.  But, once you get inside, it's a warm and welcoming place.

They make their own baked goods, offer a foodie-worthy breakfast and lunch menu, and offer some very tempting and delicious drinks.

Hot Chocolate - WOW
dwm photo
I started with their Hot Chocolate.  The server who welcomed us, mentioned when delivering the exquisite creation, it was created with care and calories.

Shaved chocolate resting on whipped cream added to the rich flavor and I savored every sip to the last drop.  Which is about the time my first order arrived.

I requested the Blueberry Baked Oatmeal.  When it was delivered, it looked amazing, covered in blueberries and nuts.  Uh-oh.  The nuts were news to me, and not something I would have ordered.  The store reacted very kindly and let me trade out for the cinnamon roll which caught my eye in the case by the door.

One of the best Cinnamon
Rolls ever.   dwm photo
Unwrapping the roll one bite at a time was incredible.

Each delicate strip of dough was lined with brownish red cinnamon with just the right amount of flavor working with the sweet of the frosting and texture of the roll.

Soft and sweet.  Each bite reminded me of the best rolls I ever enjoyed. A friend up in Augusta makes a pretty mean cinnamon roll and my maternal grandmother made smaller cinnamon rolls I had to battle with my dad and uncle to see who could eat the most.

One of these beauties is a sweet way to start the day.  I stopped at one, but will return for more.