La La La - Sing Time!

The modern musical won 6 of 7 Golden Globe categories in which it was nominated.

Musicals, especially the non-animated variety, haven't done much at the box office in years.  Grease was a big hit with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in 1978.

Just bursting into song is common, isn't it?  I'm guessing there are some current and former co-workers of mine who might be able to think of a couple times when lyrics floated out of my office.

La La Land is a musical which pays homage to movies where the songs become part of the dialogue and moving the story.

The opening number is my favorite, a fun and lively piece which feels natural.  I mean, who hasn't seen a traffic jam on the Interstate lead to spontaneous singing and dancing?

Ryan Gosling is the musician at the end of his rope and a fading dream.  Emma Stone is a hopeful actor who can't get the part.

They cross paths and catch the other's eye.  Dreams fade.  Love grows.

Does the boy get the girl?  Do they sing and dance into happily ever after?

The movie is beautiful.  A splendid palette of color and sound.  I thought a little tighter editing could help the second half of the film.

I give it 3-1/2 of 5 stars as something a little different.  A nice, light bit of entertainment and a great movie for date night.

There's nothing objectionable for the kids, but I suspect most kids would be pretty bored.  How's that for a novel idea, a nice movie for adults.   That sounds like an idea from La La Land.