Hi there!

Some days, there doesn't seem to be much to write about.

I could write about this so perfect it looked fake snowman we encountered in front of Quivey Grove's Stable restaurant.

Each ball of snow was perfectly shaped giving our man a precise 36 - 36 - 36.  Gotta love shades on a snowman.

What else is there?

We've had a week now of the new President....

Maybe not.

January is nearly over.  Three days left as each day gets a little more sun.  This past week the extra daylight meant natural light for my walk to the mailbox.

I've noticed each week's audience includes good numbers of folks with computers in Russia, France, Portugal, and Germany.  Hello, friends - thanks for reading.

Likewise to my American readers, family and friends, I appreciate you checking out this site on a regular basis.

You may read to start your day or at the end.  It's nice to see you whenever you stop by.

I feel our cyber-connection.  Four days each week when I hope to entertain or offer something to enlighten or brighten your day.

You make mine every time you show up.

Thanks, see you tomorrow.