Grow Where Planted

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(Jesus said) 8  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  Acts 1:8

This morning, we officially joined Cross Lutheran Church in Middleton.

It's a church planted by Bethlehem Lutheran in Sun Prairie with a goal of witnessing for Christ in the growing community north of Lake Mendota.

The small band of believers meet in the community center of Bishops Bay off County Q in a new subdivision of apartments, condos, and single family homes surrounded by a golf course.

In a few years, the church plans to move up the street into a building of their own, and eventually, a school.

It's an impressive plan.  Pastor Joel Brandt seems perfectly suited to lead a new congregation.  He is one of those people you feel like you've known them forever just minutes after an introduction.

The founding members are dedicated.  Using a public space requires setting up and tearing down for each worship and a check list requiring nearly 20 people for each Sunday.

I think it's exciting to be part of something new.

Churches grow on a retail, one to one, basis.  Location is important for many people who prefer to worship close to home.  

More important are the relationships. Most important is the relationship between the member and their Savior, but growth happens when one person invites another to come with them to worship.

Cross Lutheran Church meets here in room behind the deck.
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Joining a church happens when visitors agree with what taught and practiced and feel at home working and relating with other members.

I was baptized in Waukegan, Illinois, but since I was six months when my folks moved to Wisconsin it's difficult to think of it as my first home.  

So there was St. Paul, Janesville; Trinity, Des Moines, Iowa; Faith, Pierre, South Dakota; back to St. Paul for three years; Grace, Augusta; Calvary, Indianapolis; Mt. Olive, Greenwood, Indiana; Lutheran Church of the Living Christ, Madison; and now Cross.  Nine in 53 years.

Each church has their own personality, but the same teaching of Jesus Christ as the only means by which I might be saved and receive eternal life.

Cross feels like home.  

The congregation is a mix of young families, empty nesters, new Christians, old Christians eager to grow together and hopeful of sharing their good news with the folks around them.

Cross Lutheran is growing fast.  The neighborhood north of Middleton is Jerusalem mentioned in the Acts verse above.  Judea and Samaria the surrounding areas and to every corner of the earth.

Churches are imperfect places made of imperfect people brought together because of God's abundant and amazing grace.

If you live in the area and looking for a church home, please join us.  Sunday worship is at 9 am.