Divisional Round - Dallas

Cap on 7 game win streak.
dwm hat and photo
Wooooooo!  What an awesome win for the Green Bay Packers!

Man, that felt great as Mason Crosby''s 52 yard field goal swerved back inside the left goal post as time expired for the 34 - 31 win over the Cowboys.

It was a 15 round title fight.  Green Bay came out fast, landing several punches as they scored touchdowns the first three times they had the ball.

It was 21 - 10 at the half.  Green Bay scored their fourth touchdown on the first drive in the second act for a 28 - 13 lead.

Dallas clawed their way back to a 28 - 28 tie with 4:08 left to play.

The Pack moved down the field trying to drain the clock before stalling with 93 seconds to play and the ball placed for a kick 56 yards away.  The Packer's kicker, Crosby, knocked it through for a 3 point lead, but was there too much time remaining?

Dallas answered with a quick drive of their own before the exhausted Packer defense mustered a stop and forced a Cowboy field goal from 52 yards out.  It was good.  The game was tied and Aaron Rodgers were left with 2 time-outs and 35 seconds on the clock.

After a nice screen pass put the ball near midfield, Dallas sacked Rodgers 68 yards from the opposite goal line with just 18 seconds left.

Rodgers found Jared Cook 34 yards downfield where he toe-tapped both feet in while cradling the pigskin.

Three seconds left.  Crosby is just 32 years old, but when I saw him interviewed on TV a few weeks ago was struck by how much gray hair he had.  This must be why... the snap and hold were good and Crosby's kick found it's way through the goalposts as time expired to give Green Bay an amazing win and punch their ticket to Atlanta for the right to advance to the Super Bowl.

Wow.  What a game.

Green Bay lost defensive safety Morgan Burnett early in the game.  From there on, I don't think they had any more  players in reserve.  Two un-drafted free agents, Kentall Brice and Josh Hawkins were on the field a lot.

Micah Hyde made a spectacular play with a quick thinking pick-off interrupting a Dallas drive. Unfortunately the ensuing Packer drive ended in the first interception Rodgers had thrown in his last 318 pass attempts.

Lots of heroes for Green Bay, starting with the coaching staff.  Aaron Rodgers continues his incredible hot streak.  The offensive line kept the QB clean most of the game and opened up enough running lanes to keep the Dallas defense honest.  Jared Cook, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers, and Geronimo Allison made crucial catches.

The defense had to be running on fumes at the end.  They bent, but ultimately didn't break, giving Aaron enough time for Green Bay to get the W and get out of Jerry's World.

There's hope Jordy Nelson will feel well enough to give it a go next Sunday.  I'm hoping Quinton Rollins finds his way back to the field and while it's too early to say, I think the Packers really need to Morgan Burnett back.

Eight wins in a row and still counting.  Number nine awaits in the Georgia Dome in the Falcon nest.

This team is on a roll and taking their fans on a wild ride with them.  It was thrilling to see them leap out in front.

My heart rate accelerated as the lead closed and there was a lot of sweating going on as the game ticked toward 0:00.

Just as FOX was showing recent Packer play-off heartbreaks each year since the 2011 season, I didn't want to hear about it, I needed to think positively.  For the team, you know.

I read last week about some of the things fans do to honor the streak... like leaving up the Christmas tree and the Packer ornaments since the winning started.  Somewhere in Michigan, a Packer fan has a dying tree in their living room and it will be there until Green Bay wins Super Bowl 51.

The cap you see in the photo, a Packer's All-Pro Dad t-shirt, Packer Jersey, Packer boxers, Packer sweats, and Packer socks are my little attempt to not mess up the mojo.

The shirt and jersey are folded and sitting next to the cap, waiting for the NFC Championship game.