A Long Winter Stretch

In just a couple months, we will be on the cusp of spring.

In 30 days, we will be climbing out of the coldest stretch of each year.

The last few weeks have brought a mix of warm days and time in the freezer.

As a result, the 22 inches we received through mid-December has shrunk to piles in areas with shade and dreary piles of white on lawns with scattered sun.

Earlier this week it warmed up enough for us to get rain instead of snow.  I prefer snow, thank you very much.

The rain promotes melting, which isn't all bad, but when night falls and the temperatures drop the melt freezes.

Spring isn't so far in the future to be out of reach.  But, if you live in the upper Midwest like I do, there are miles to go before the journey around the sun gets to walk in the warm rays of the sun.

There are days of snow and cold to come.

Sitting on the 12th of January, there's a faint warm glow on the horizon made brighter by its dim reflection off piles of snow and ice crystals between now and March.

Hang in there. Spring is coming.