17 Resolutions

Welcome to 2017.

A brand new day in a brand new year.  The calendar is clear and you probably haven't broken any resolutions this year.

Since 2013, the first New Year's Day of my blog, some years I've offered resolutions some years and others not (like 2016.)

This year, I have 17 resolutions.  More accurately, 17 hopes/dreams/wishes/prayers for where we might go in this world during the next 365 days.

1.  I resolve to give the President-elect the benefit of the doubt.  I'm sure there will be issues where I disagree, but I hope as the gravity of his position becomes clear he will learn and listen to those with the experience of serving in the arena previously.

2.  I hope we can learn to talk to each other again.  The past campaign season was a lot of yelling at and over the top of each other.  It's a losing scenario.  The people in this country have worked together before, we can do it again.  Now is the time.

3. My dream is far-fetched, to be sure, but it's that we might be able to take a breath once in a while before reaching a conclusion based on something we see or hear.

4.  Just a wish here, but since the Cubs won after a long journey in a champion-free desert... how 2017 becoming the year of the Milwaukee Brewers!  (You can be sure we'll revisit #4 if it is appropriate this fall.)

5.  It's my prayer for peace on earth.  This can be realized incrementally in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities.

6.  Resolved: I will not climb Mt. Everest or anything tall enough to require oxygen.  (I feel very confident I can fulfill #6.)

7.  I hope to get some long-distance rides in this year.  The 100+ mile stretch of Wisconsin Bike Trails from Reedsburg to the marshes north of Onalaska sound like a possible trip.

8.  A dream for our government is to see the various parties factions work together and search for what is truly the best for their constituents and not what will sound the best in a 30 second commercial.

9.  A more realistic wish; how about the Green Bay Packers as champions of Super Bowl LI with as many living members of the first Super Bowl champs in attendance in Houston.  Go Pack!

10. Praying for a strong faith; for discernment; to be slow to anger or aggravation; and quick to understanding another's point of view.

11. I resolve to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I know they are good for me and I don't eat enough of them.  The good news is succeeding in this resolution is eating more could mean eating just a couple more carrot sticks a week!

12.  I hope to read about medical advances leading to higher cure rates of cancer.

13.  Dreams are powerful.  It's my dream, and hopefully yours, to help others realize their dreams in 2017.

14.  I wish to see the headline proclaiming ice cream, bacon, and ground beef declared an essential part of the diet for men of a certain age.

15.  I am praying for you, my dear reader, that your life in 2017 be marked with contentment and resolve to navigate the times ahead, either good or bad.

16.  Resolved: To workout more minutes each day than the time spent eating the real good stuff, like ice cream, bacon, and ground beef.

17.  Finally, I hope to see you a lot this year.  I resolve to have something new for you each Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with posts on other days as the spirit moves me.

This begins the fifth year of my little blog.  Thank you for stopping by to read and please feel free to share a comment or two.

Undoubtedly, there is much uneasiness about what 2017 might bring; which is why I want to leave you with these words from the Psalmist reflecting on God's presence in his own uncertain times.

If I go up to the heavens, you are there, if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.  Psalm 139:8

Happy New Year!