Tie Your Shoes

Over, under, around and through,
Meet Mr. Bunny Rabbit, pull and through. (From Famlii,com)

Most of us learned how to tie our shoes in kindergarten... perhaps that skill is taught earlier now, or maybe the rise of velcro shoes makes it an obsolete craft.

Ah, a blog topic for another day...

As the years go by, tying shoes is rather automatic.  In fact, when I think about it - I usually mess it up.

Which is why I was surprised to learn recently I wasn't tying my running shoes the correct way.

If you look closely at the eyelets at the top of the shoe, there is a pair of eyelets further away from the shoe's tongue.  

There are multiple YouTube videos available to provide instructions and I recommend them. 

Keep your device screen handy, if you are like me you will need to rewind the video several times before you get it right.

Since I started running in the last few years - I figured I was the last one to the dance on the new-fangled shoe tying practice - until I was visiting with another runner before Saturday's Crazylegs.  He hadn't heard about it either.

So, my friend, I'm here to help in directing you to the advance class... Shoe Tying 2.0, if you will.

It was the first time I ran in shoes tied this way and they fit securely, but not too tight across the top of my foot.  My feet were secure and I was blister and bruise free at the end of the run.

It's a small size, but I'm a believer.   

And, in case you're wondering... those are my retired running shoes in the top photo.  I only wear them now for easy duty.   Keep moving!