Spring Days in May

This week in Madison, spring really arrived.

Six days of mostly spectacular weather; brilliant blue skies; and the earth comes to life.

The Crab Apple trees from a distance looked to be covered in snow, but the sumptuous white is from the blossoms.

Lilacs are popping open.

Even leaves on majestic Oak trees are unfurling now.

The season arrived in fits and starts.  A warm March.  A cool and rainy April.

The east sky is getting light between 5 and 5:30 in the morning.  Sun's up before 6.

Gardens are prepared for planting.  Farmers are selling products at the market.

Students are graduating - a combination of harvest and planting seasons joined.

Allergens fly around.  Other than an occasional sneeze - the pollen and other tiny things blowing around don't bother me much.  It's too bad for friends who can't enjoy the arrival of spring with a deep breath.

If it's blooming where you live, I hope you get the opportunity to get out and enjoy it this weekend.

A trip to the park; visit the zoo; a run or ride; or an evening walk to an ice cream stand for a twist cone can be excellent ways to throw your own spring party.  Enjoy!