Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

It's a very special day.

"Each of you must honor your mother..." Leviticus 19:3a

It's my first mother's day without my mom or either grandmother.

You may be in the same situation - if so, I'm sorry for your loss.

You may have another person in your life who partially fills the role now.  It could be, and is quite likely, I think, you are still hearing your mom's words and advice nearly every day.

Another way to celebrate mother's day is celebrating the moms we know.  The mothers of our children.  Mothers of children we treasure.  And don't forget to honor your own work as moms.

Moms fix our boo-boos and pat us on the back.

Moms love us when no one else does.

Moms show us what love looks like.  What its like to keep moving in the face of obstacles which seem insurmountable.

Moms get up early; stay up late; and work hard all day.

Moms read to us when we were small then listen to our stories of woe and triumph later.

Mothers are unsung heroes who nurture the next generation.

While we are called to honor and respect them all year long - let's be sure we do today - thanks Mom!