Corn's Up!

While the Wisconsin countryside came to life these past couple weeks - now farm land is growing.

Cresting a hill north of Middleton revealed green pin stripes on black earth.

It's corn!

Assuming it survives late spring frost, hail, too much rain, or not enough - in October or November combines will move up the aisles of corn groceries to feed herds of cattle.

While most Wisconsinites live in the city - the cities are small enough the country is close.

So, even if you didn't grow up on a farm - there is a rhythm to the year.  Winter, thaw, planting, growing, and harvest.

We make comments about how good the crops look or offer comparisons to years past.  We will be sure to note if the corn is "knee high by the fourth of July."

Not than I have any idea from the front seat of my car how things are growing.

But it's fun to watch.