Brewer's True Blue Crew

Acceptance is in the air at Miller Park.

This team isn't expected to win more games than it loses.  There are only a couple of household names on the field... even in the households of Milwaukee Brewer fans!

There are all kinds of reasons to cheer for a team; to pull for them; to want to see them win; applauding the good plays; hanging my head on bad ones; and following them closely no matter what happens.

Thursday night, Milwaukee kicked off a seven game homestand with the San Diego Padres.

They played a pretty good game.  The starting pitcher gave up two runs, but was otherwise effective through eight innings.

For a weeknight game featuring two teams with mediocre records there was a decent crowd of just a few more than 17,000 to watch.

We had very nice seats, behind home plate in front of the press box.

In a stadium with capacity of 42,000 + it felt like the teams invited a few friends over for a picnic.

The upside is, we parked up front in the the Robin Yount lot, then took a ride in a golf cart to the main entrance.
The "can I give you a ride" offer was a nice gesture.  An easy joke is they are doing it for everyone, but they can't.

After a 2015 preseason filled with high-hopes collapsed into a ball bag filled with broken dreams, it was time to re-tool.

These Brewers are a mix of some valuable veterans and a beer truck of prospects and hopefuls eager to show their talent in hopes of staying in the bigs.

Pitcher Jimmy Nelson (right) stands at the intersection of the two paths to the future.  Nelson is young, but is in his third year in the league.  He holds the promise of years to come - with victories and contending for the playoffs.

Nelson pitched like the staff ace Thursday night.  He pitched deep into the game and gave up only two runs.  It was the kind of game the Brewers need now (to stay near .500) and will count on in the future.

The rest of the 2018 Brewers are most likely in the minors; on other teams; or playing in college right now.

This is the team assigned to begin the trek across the river of broken dreams.

The fans, the True Blue Brew Crew, are watching and holding on to hope.

The team plays in the smallest city in Major League Baseball but average more fans in the seats than their larger brethren.

We love our Brewers.

We care.  While there are years when we just want the Brewers to carry us to the start of Packer season - we want them to win and we want them to hustle and play like we would - if only we had the talent.

We're standing with the Crew on third - waiting for the hit to drive us in.