Bike For Sale

For Sale: Two wheeled faithful companion through life's ups and downs.  A good listener ready to offer refreshment, carry important stuff, and a comfortable place to sit. Well-traveled, with journeys around Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota.  Looking for a good home and more miles to travel.

It's time for another rider to get on the trails or open road with  my old 'bent.

We traveled the length of the Wisconsin River three times (2003, '04, and '05) and along Wisconsin's east coast on Lake Michigan.

The switch to a recumbent made it easier for me to keep riding.

A nearly 20 year hiatus between stints of serious riding produced so much pain when I tried sitting on the saddle of my 10 speed that 40 miles was as far as I could go.  The Rans - with it's more conventional seat style - took care of the pain of sitting as well as the discomfort in my neck and wrists.

My ride was a perfect entry-level recumbent for me, and I hope serves the same purpose for someone else.

Just two years ago, I walked back to my bike after taking some pictures in the arboretum and found a man closely examining my bike.

He had the same bike for his daily commute.  He asked me a lot of questions, including if I was ready to sell.  I wasn't ready then.

I wished I took his name.

Oh well.  Now the bike is for sale on Craigslist Madison.

My last attempt to sell something via craigslist didn't go well.

I received an offer right away.  A few days later a check arrived at an amount 5 times higher than the agreed upon price.  When I reached out to find out why (maybe they felt guilty for getting such a great deal?) I was asked to please cash the check and write a check for the difference, minus some money for my trouble, and send it back to the buyer.

Hmm, that sounded fishy.  Fishier was the fact this check listed the account owner as a school for the blind.  The buyer claimed to work there.  When I called the school I found online, they had no idea about the name given, but said they received similar calls in the past.

Needless to say, I didn't sell and got rid of the worthless paper.

I expect this sale to go much easier.

If you're interested and live close enough to Madison to pick up the bike - let me know.