The Chicken Dance

Live in Wisconsin a while and you will have an opportunity to do the Chicken Dance.

Wedding receptions, pep rallies, and ball games are just a few places you can expect to hear the familiar tune.

The UW Varsity Band claims to have the world-record time for fastest rendition.  Under 24 seconds.

That's crazy fast for a polka.

Hands up in the air, make some beak-like actions with your thumb as the lower beak and index and middle finger as the top beak.  Usually there are three beak snaps.

Lower arms into chicken wing position.  Flap three times.  Then twist your hips three times - fast.

Three claps and dance in circles with a person within arms reach until it starts again.

The Chicken Dance doesn't require an abundance of talent; mostly it requires a willingness to let yourself loose and enjoy the moment.

Which, by the way, is a quintessential trait of cheeseheads.

I've heard the Chicken Dance in other states, but frankly, it's not the same.

Find the proper confluence of circumstances and you might watch a bunch of dairy landers chicken dance for hours.

Get the tune in your head and the musical earwig will burrow its way deep in your heart.

It's Saturday.

Which means somewhere in America's Dairyland the Chicken Dance is unleashed.

Nearly everyone has a Chicken Dance story.  What's yours?