Take Care of the Earth (Day)

Tomorrow is Earth Day.

There are many ways to observe it.

Pick up trash; plant a tree; plan a garden; take a hike; or ride a bike to name a few possibilities.

A Wisconsin native; former legislator, governor, and U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson began Earth Day April 22, 1970 as a "teach-in" about environmental issues.

At the time I was six, so I won't claim I remember much about it.  However, the times were overdue for radical changes when it came to helping the earth.

In many places the air was thick.  Many species were on the brink of extinction.  It was considered OK by many to dump trash along the road.

Around that time the country's lawmakers created policies to help clean up the air, sea, land, and sky. Reduce toxins and chemicals destroying the land and protect creatures in danger.

No doubt, there were people opposed to some of the ideas.  While times haven't changed, I believe for the most part, we can agree the advancements of the era were for the better - for us and for earth.

The journey isn't finished.  There is room for improvement.

I think the subject is one which deserves great debate and a spirited drive to leave the world better than how we found it.

It seems to me it's our job to care of home.  The gift of creation is a big responsibility.

There is a challenge to find the best ways to use those resources in ways which provide for future generations while minimizing harm in the space we live.

Earth Day isn't about ending growth and progress... I believe its finding ways to take of earth as we grow and progress.  An idea which will require on-going lessons, for us and future generations on earth.