Spring-ing a leak

Yesterday was the most spring - into - summer kind day we've had in 2016.

Before it arrived I had big plans.  Get my workout in early and later on get on the bike for a long ride through the country.

Ah, you know what is said about men and their best laid plans...   (If you don't; Google it.)

The first sign came during the run when the energy required was beyond my reach.  I'm not really sure why, but suspect a combination of two intense days of study, less sleep than usual, and failing to carbo-load in the prior night's evening meal had something to do with it.

So I ran half the distance my training regimen had on its calendar.  I had a good breakfast, but it may have been too late to turn the tide.

For whatever reason, my midday I felt completely drained.  I was in bed resting by 1 and getting sick mid-afternoon.

At 9:30 I seemed to have caught up on rest, and watched TV a while.  (Here's a plug - the 4/16/2016 Saturday Night Live with Julia Louis Dreyfus was one of the best I've seen in years.)

This morning arrived and thanks to all the sleep, I was up before sunrise and did my usual light Sunday exercise.  I ate a little before and had a bowl of cereal after.  A newspaper, donut, and Mt. Diet Dew later... it seems like whatever it was that sidelined my Saturday is gone.

So, other than boring you (if you, my friend, are still reading at this point), is the purpose of today's blog?

It is this - a gentle reminder to appreciate your health.  Especially when blessed by good health.

It doesn't take much to spring a leak on the best of days, and knowing there are many folks among our friends and neighbors who face challenges and difficulties each day with little relief in sight.

Be thankful for the days of good health and thankful for the days that take the wind from your sails - both give us the opportunity to enjoy creation from different points of view.

Next, on today's list - is heading out with the camera to a park to see more stuff springing.