Searching for Hope - 2016 Milw. Brewers

Last year at this time, there was some hope the Brewers could have a good year.

Those hopes were quickly dashed as the Brewers were practically Oh for the month of April.

The manager was fired.  By mid-season the team was in sale mode and realized it was time to tear down to start over.

As a long-time fan, I appreciate what the team is doing.  They had a good run, and I applaud Mark Attanasio, the majority owner, for making the call.

The starting pitchers are mostly the same.  In the field, even the most faithful fans should be applauded for knowing any player other than Jonathan Lucroy, Ryan Braun, or Scooter Gennett.

Most baseball pundits predict Milwaukee to be among the worst five teams in baseball this year.  The team is expected to finish fourth, at best, in their own division.

Just the same, I'm excited about this team.  The new faces are mostly young players with promise. The pitching rotation is highly unlikely to be as bad as they were last year.  Some of these players will be the foundation the Brewers build for the future.

I think finishing anywhere close to 81 wins will be an incredible success.  Some of baseball's best teams are division rivals - Cubs, Cardinals, and Pirates.

Lucroy could be traded if a contending team makes an offer Milwaukee can't refuse.  He's the face of the franchise.  A popular player on and off the field.  But as the Brewers rebuild, they have to listen to every offer. I like Jonathan in a Brewer's jersey, but if he gets an opportunity to play for another winner and "my" team gets top prospects in return I'll wish Jonathan the best with thanks for his service.

Yes, it may be a long season.  Wins may be hard to come by this year.

But, if you only cheer for teams when they win and walk away when they lose - I'm not sure how much you can really enjoy the victories.

I've got tickets to one game and hope to attend more this season; and I remain hopeful every time they take the field.