Ride III

It's just my third ride of the season, but on the other hand most of the last few years my first ride wasn't happening until May... so I guess I'm still ahead of the pace.

Sunday's ride was mostly sunny.  I ditched an extra layer six miles into the trip as it warmed up to 70.

Most of the ride was on the Capital City State Trail which connects Fitchburg to the Isthmus.

Just east of 151 is where it starts and it's like you are riding away from civilization.

It got me thinking how special it is to have a paved bike trail close to thousands of people which is close to nature at the same time.

Lots of fellow bikers and some joggers were out for exercise amidst the beauty.  We passed with a wave or hello.

You can see the world coming to life around every bend, all while seeing the decaying remains of 2015 plants and grasses.

It was my first day seeing violets.  Wisconsin's state flower is sturdy and delicate - lighting the forest floor with its light.

When I saw the small flowers, I stopped to take several photos.  As I took a couple steps to get close, I heard a slither beneath me.

As I looked a small, maybe 12 inch long, Garter snake snuck under leaves and disappeared.

After the photo opportunity, I met up with the Lake Loop around Lake Monona.  The loop stays close to the water passing by vintage lake cottages and incredibly opulent homes.

Then my mission was getting to the Market Street Diner in Sun Prairie.  I'm not as familiar with streets on the east side, but have a pretty good sense of direction.

Which is how I ended up eastbound on Cottage Grove Road.  I knew I wanted to cross over the Interstate and had to find a path north and east.

A stop light at Reiner Road seemed promising.  I got in the left turn lane, waited for traffic to clear and headed north.  Stretches of it were missing any semblance of a bike lane, but drivers gave me plenty of room.

The Diner is 33 miles from home.

A nice trip for late April and enough to justify a satisfying meal.

The Classic Burger with fries and an Oreo Malt was my selection.

Market Street Diner serves the malt the old fashioned way in a tall glass with the tin delivered alongside for a refill.  Yum.

Ride on!