Look, In the Sky

Do you remember laying on the grass looking at the sky?

Today is the day to re-live those memories.  It's look up at the sky day!

Sometimes on long drives or those moments gazing into the heavens, I liked to search the skies for familiar things.

As the wind shapes them, some clouds become people, animals, or evokes a memory of some place in time.

Most people these days are busy staring at that thing in the palm of their hand as they walk along, and completely miss the spectacular and ever-changing show before us.

At night, it's even more amazing.  When we lived up north in a small town, a short trip to the country revealed millions of twinkling lights.

There was a time, 1986, I believe, when we got up in the middle of the night to see Haley's Comet pass.   I think we saw it.  The comet was more of a blur than a distinct streak in the firmament.

Look in the sky.  Do you remember the sky in the days after 9/11?  All airlines were grounded for a few days.  The sky appeared to be a deeper blue than usual and it was strange not seeing contrails from jets winging their way around the country.

Closer to earth, there are birds in the air.  Now, you may see a drone.

Check it out - look up.