Final Four

#2 Oklahoma v. #2 Villanova

#1 North Carolina v #10 Syracuse

All that's left of my bracket are North Carolina and Villanova.  But that's where it ends - as I picked Michigan State to beat the Cats from 'Nova.

This might be a good time to start over.

Oklahoma is riding the hot hand of Buddy Hield.  The guard from the Bahamas is considered by many as the collegiate player of the year.  Although Michigan State's Denzel Valentine beat him by the width of an arrow.

Villanova is an outstanding team.  Loaded with talent, a tenacious defense, and opportunistic offensive game.  They seek to reclaim hoops glory for their school.

The 1985 'Nova Wildcats were practically perfect when they met a Georgetown team considered unbeatable. Until they were.

In the re-pick, I'm going with the Sooners to advance to Monday night.

Before the Dance began, a lot of the experts didn't think Syracuse was worthy of an invitation to the party.  Now the Orange is a win away from the Championship game.

North Carolina looks like the best group of talent of the four.  If each team plays their best, the Tar Heels win it all.

We've learned during the last three weeks that virtually every team can win and virtually every team can lose as well.

After hours of analysis, coin flips, and throwing darts at a board - I have really no idea, so I'm going with a final of Oklahoma and North Carolina.

North Carolina is my pick to win  it all.