The You-Tube Repairman

One thing I'm not (out of many), is handy.

My Dad tried to show me how things worked and I tried to help, but I didn't quite get it.

So when our dishwasher stopped draining I didn't have much hope I could do anything about it.

Then, I thought as the lightbulb clicked, the Internet!  I bet I can figure it out with the internet.

Searching YouTube, I found advice and short "how-to" clips about how to unclog the Whirlpool dishwashers.

Emboldened, I scavenged through my toolbox and found the Allen wrench needed to loosen the cover.  So far, so good.

But there it stopped, because under the lid it didn't look like the video.

Years ago, when we lived up north, I tried fixing a plumbing problem.  Three trips to the hardware store and about $80 later - we called the plumber.  After another $100, problem solved.

What You-Tube didn't advise I knew through experience.  I tightened the bolts into place.

We checked with a plumber who asked if there was a Home Warranty in place. There is, so we called them, and one deductible payment later the dishwasher was back online.

By the way, the lesson we learned out of this is if you have soft water - using those little convenient dishwasher pods is a bad idea.  Soft water combined with the concentrated cleaner can create so many bubbles it can ruin the syphon.  Our syphon was busted - likely because of us and the previous owner over zealous use of those little pods.

Another lesson learned, we again have a box of dishwasher powder in the cupboard too.