MariGolds for Breakfast

Some places are so good you can't wait to go back.  Except you do.  Wait, that is.

Nearly two years passed since I was inside the MariGold Cafe.  It was a summer visit and we enjoyed breakfast on the sidewalk of Pinckney Street just off Madison's Capitol Square.

It's March, so we ate inside.

Winter fought the impending arrival of spring with enough wind to create a chill.
It was a day calling for a hot beverage.  Like a Steamer.

I enjoy hot chocolate, hot tea, or hot
cocoa.  But prior to arriving in Madison I'd never enjoyed a steamer.

Flavored with a bit of caramel, the warmed milk is a flavorful way to get some protein.

The MariGold was recently selected by Madison Magazine readers as the city's best place for breakfast.

I wouldn't disagree.  The cozy restaurant is perfect for a leisurely start to the day or for a business meeting before checking into the office.  The food is tantalizing and their go-to selections are worth visiting time and again.

 Admittedly, I'm not very adventurous when it comes to my breakfast cravings - but I know what I like.  The short stack of MariGold Blueberry pancakes is a hearty way to go.

I appreciate the option for the short stack.  It offers a smaller calorie option for a sweet start.

The interior is warm.  Brick walls, sturdy wood tables, and in places, a bench seat for tables built along the wall.  There are casual pillows for sitting back.

It's full of tables, but it doesn't feel crowded. Like several Madison restaurants, you order and pay at the counter and the food is delivered to the table.

I'm not sure why nearly two years passed since my last trip to MariGold.  Maybe because it's downtown or there are so many other great places for breakfast in Madison.  One thing for sure, it's too good not to be a regular place to start the day.