Lion or Lamb

The "snow storm" March 1st seemed more like the month strolling in like a lamb than a lion.

However, I talked to some colleagues who said motorists on the Beltline of Madison had to stop to scrape their windows during the morning commute due to issues with the rain/snow quickly freezing before getting wiped away.

When I drove in, it wasn't too bad.  Some snow covered roads and a couple of slippery spots, but nothing out of the ordinary for... oh, I don't know... winter?

As the white season soon comes to a close; it feels like the area I'm calling home had a number of near misses when it comes to snowfall.

Areas just north and not far south recorded much more snow than we did.

It was in the upper 50s a few days of December and this past weekend was in the 50s too.  It sure didn't feel like February in Wisconsin.

That's not all bad, of course.  A little winter respite from snow and cold is welcome by everyone.  I'll always remember our winters in central South Dakota which got real bone-chilling at times and could be counted on for some snow and plenty of wind to blow it around.  For three or four days during either January or February, west winds coming over the Rockies pushed temperatures into the 50s.

Windows opened. Winter coats unzipped.  People breathed easier for a few days and hoped the feeling was back in their fingers and toes before winter re-appeared.

The winter of 2015-16 in Madison, according to the Wisconsin State Climatology Office has reached 24 inches for the season.

It sure doesn't feel like it.  Maybe because we haven't received a big snow yet... I believe the biggest snow was 5".

As they say, it isn't over yet.  March has plenty of days to go and two state basketball tournaments - something many count on to accompany a late season snow.