From Winter Towards Spring

March average high temperatures climb twenty degrees from the beginning of the month to the end.

And, while March presents some very interesting weather challenges (State B-ball Tournament Blizzards) and wild swings between ice-cold and balmy... the arrow is pointed the way most like it to go.

This year's transition is exciting to me because I'm anxious for dry roads and solid trails to ride.

Most years I wait until May to get out there, but the blah winter (not enough snow) has me keenly awaiting spring days to enjoy on the back of my bike.

June and July are even nicer for such pursuits, but these early days of warmth usher in a new beginning and possibilities of adventures to come.

It may be too early to plant outside, but we can lay out our gardens while planning at the kitchen table.

Longer days add the essential Vitamin D we've been missing during shaded mornings and evenings. It's good to get the D vitamin from milk, better from the sun.

Yet, we better take our time.  The fresh-air days of 50 could be followed with howling chills and a last fling of snow.

Welcome to March.