Buck & Honeys

Lunch or dinner, a big night out or deciding to grab something casual - either way is OK with Buck & Honeys in Sun Prairie.

My sample size is only two visits, but each time I was impressed with the quality of the food, the variety of the menu, and the friendly atmosphere at this friendly spot.

Just last weekend, we went for a late lunch/early dinner in the quiet bar and grill tucked into a new development on land which not too long ago was probably farmland.

Chips and salsa are a simple starter, but it was more than the sum of its fried potatoes.  Light and crunchy they delivered a fresh flavor and enough pop to put hunger pangs to rest for a while.

Center stage and for me, an unusual choice for lunch, was their lasagna.


The lunch size lasagna is the perfect size for a hearty lunch and not so big as to induce an after lunch snooze.  Buck & Honeys says it features traditional fare made from scratch, and this dish demonstrates their commitment to that credo.

My prior visit was for a small group birthday celebration.  It was spot on in terms of the meal and some wonderful extra touches to make it special.

I'll warn you - this is not the place if you need to grab lunch and be out the door in 15 minutes - this is a time to set down the phone; look at and talk with your dinner companion.  (If that doesn't work, there are plenty of TVs tuned into one game or another.)

It is a place for a good meal at a reasonable price and a pretty high likelihood you may remember the experience for more than five minutes.

Which is a very good reason to plan a meal soon at Buck & Honeys.