Brackets - Brackets - Brackets

Everybody, really everybody is filling out a bracket.

Maybe they did one right after the Selection Show or first evaluated as much information as they could from hours of TV coverage and forecasts by analysts.

In most cases, the bracket contests don't include "The First Four" which starts tonight.

Florida Gulf Coast University takes on Farleigh Dickinson at 5:40, followed Wichita State and Vanderbilt.

Tomorrow, Holy Cross plays Southern University in the early game, followed by B1G member Michigan and Tulsa.

These games will result in 64 hopeful teams ready to take first steps on their "Road to the Final Four."

Starting Thursday morning at 11:15, I'm planning to spend some quality time watching NCAA basketball.  The last of 16 games is expected to start around 9:00 pm.

Rinse, lather, and repeat on Friday.

I'll share my Fearless Forecast in Thursday's blog.

I hear Warren Buffet is offering $1,000,000 to any of his employees who correctly picks every winner through the first two rounds.  My guess is he isn't worried.

Let the Madness begin!