At the Car Wash

It was a fluke when I happened to locate the Mermaid Car Wash in the first place.

It's in an area of Madison's west side I've been through many times, but it wasn't until I looked up while waiting at a stoplight and notice large block letters spelling out C-A-R W-A-S-H (when I was deciding which one to drive to) that led me to the Mermaid Car Wash.

It's been years since I've visited a car wash like this one.  I believe in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

An attendant greets you as you exit to start with an interior cleaning before getting it on the conveyor which gives the car its bath.

On the other end, another attendant picks it up, escorting it to an area where the car is dried down and the interior and inside windows were cleaned.

For just a few more dollars than the basic drive - thru wash, Sunny was cleaner than she'd been in months of slogging me to work and back through the grit and grime of a Madison winter.

Watching the car glide by from the other side of the glass reminded me of similar trips to the car wash years ago with my mom.

The parrots provided another diversion to pass some time after paying the fare and waiting for the friendly wave welcoming me to get back in and drive away.

A regular wash is one of the best things we can do for our cars.  Watching the car bathing and the blue and gold birds offer a better way of passing the time than cooped behind the wheel of my ride.