A New Bike

It is, to the best of my recollection, my sixth new bike.

There was a Stingray under the Christmas tree; a three speed and then one to replace it after an accident took out the first one; a Schwinn Traveler 10 speed my junior year of high school; and the Rans Rocket I've ridden since 2003.

The latest is a Volae Expedition, produced by the recumbent specialists at the Hostel Shoppe in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

While my red Rans proved itself over 12 years and several thousand miles, I was ready for a new set of wheels.

When I changed to a recumbent years ago, my adjustment from a "normal" bike to a recumbent took around 30 miles of riding to get used to the new way to balance and the best ways to start and stop.

And as I got used to the new way to ride, I noticed several things - my neck didn't hurt.  My wrists didn't hurt.  My butt didn't hurt.

That's a pretty important trifecta if you want to take long rides.

The aerodynamics are better on a recumbent.  On upright bikes, the rider leans over to hold the handlebars creating a parachute effect instead of feeling the wind to flow up and over you.

Today I'm feeling a little like the little boy with a new bike on Christmas Eve - excited to ride but having to hold on until the weather improves.

I can hardly wait!