The BIG Game

As this blog goes "live" today, it's good to know there is a Super Bowl pre-game show on the air.

Stop first at the NFL Network for the newest developments on what Peyton Manning and Cam Newton will have for breakfast.

There was a time, Wheaties may have been the go-to morning wake-up before a big day, but nutritionists on the payroll of each time likely have more efficient proteins in mind.

The game is to kick-off at 5:30 Central Standard Time.   I was hoping and cheering the the Packers to get there, but this wasn't their year to add another trophy named for Green Bay's most famous coach.

Maybe the lack of Roman Numerals threw the Packers off; so I'll expect them to be more comfortable to schedule a trip to Super Bowl LI.

Joining more than a hundred million people around the world today in watching the Big Game makes the first Sunday in February an unofficial, but real holiday.

There are special preparations for food and drink.  Friends and family gather together to discuss and watch the all the action - between commercials, some may even watch the game!

I think I've been to three or four Super Bowl parties over the years.  The first time was while in Pierre, South Dakota and a fellow reporter hosted a get together for colleagues gathered in the state's capital city for the legislative session.

The next parties were while working in Indianapolis when the faculty and staff gathered to watch.

Super Bowl parties are interesting.  There are people there for the party and others for the football.  For those of us interested in the game, we may want to hear the commentary and not be distracted into missing a play.  Others, frankly, really are waiting to see the latest Budweiser commercial.

When the Packers are playing, I can't do parties - I want it quiet and I want to concentrate and enjoy watching my team win the trophy.

So, I'm sorry, I don't think I can make your 2017 bash.

My prediction (made 2/5/2016) is Carolina 27 Denver 17.