Please Be My Valentine

If I'm the person breaking the news to you that it's Valentine's Day, I may be too late to really help.

Unless you have the most forgiving loved one in the world, rushing out for a valentine themed air freshener and heart shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cup just isn't going to cut it.

Got flowers?

It may be a little tough to find some good ones today, or they may cost a bit more than you planned on.  At this point, you need to just feel the pain and pony up at the register... you may be able to save the day.


Joking around about fancy dinner plans may come back to haunt you if you're left without a reservation.  When we lived in Indianapolis, the local White Castles even took reservations for Valentine's.

That would not have impressed my valentine.  I dare say such a move won't do you many favors either.

Something original and from the heart is your best opportunity anyway - even if you did think about the day before now.

My sister reminded me about something I did for her on Valentine's Day way back in either 1980 or 81.  Depending on the year means she was very, very little then.  I would have been either a junior or senior in high school.  Her memories, which she thankfully shared with me, provide a little heart shaped warmth for us both.

So, I hope you find your Valentine today and rejoice in the love you find in their embrace.  And remember you don't need to make the actions and feelings of today a once a year deal.

Meanwhile, thanks for being my online valentine.  Several of you recently have made very nice comments about how you enjoy reading these dribs and drabs about this, that, and the other thing.

I appreciate it very much, from my heart to yours.

Happy Valentine's Day!