On the Pond

I've only been on skates once in my life.

They were roller skates and it was because of a girl.  On a date during high school, somehow we decided to go skating.

She knew how.  I had no idea.  My time alternated between shuffling slowly and picking myself off the floor.

Only my ego was bruised.

It's fascinating to watch, whether it's skates on hardwood or skates on ice.

Which is why the tableau of skaters on the ice covered ponds in Tenney Park beckoned me closer.

Pond hockey unfolded with a few players a side and a make-shift goal.

Skaters glide around the ice.  Some graceful, others, not so much.

I think tying on ice skates these days would likely leave me with broken angles and perhaps a severed artery.

But on a beautiful Wisconsin Winter day, it's just fine standing onshore watching in wonder as the Norman Rockwell painting unfolds in front of me.