It's a neighborhood pizza joint in the best sense of the phrase.  Perfect spot to pick up a pie for the family on the weekend or after work; a small place with out of the way booths for date night; and tables covered with paper to keep the kids coloring while the pie is in the oven.

Luigi's Pizzeria has beckoned us for some time now.  It's across the parking lot from Madison's MidVale Library and close to a Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream store.

Like Yogi Berra was once reputed to have said, "no one goes there anymore, it's too crowded."

The crowded parking lot is one of the reasons it took more than three years back in Mad City to try it out.

Our mistake.

A nice coupon from the Welcome Wagon folks persuaded us to take the short drive to check it out.

It's a cozy restaurant.  We were seated in a booth not far from the kitchen in the bustling place.  A young family clustered around a table in front while two friends meeting after a week of work were in the booth next to us.

Hungry after a long day, we ordered up the Dough Knots.

Friends, if all you eat at Luigi's are the Dough Knots - you will immediately decide to become a repeat customer.

The pie we tried was their Friday Night Special.  Salami, pepperoni, sausage, and prosciutto on a tasty bed of cheese and a thin, crisp crust you could almost see through.


An attempt at commercial art
The pizza place is on the first floor of a mixed use building with apartments above (how convenient for tenants!) and Anytime Fitness three doors down (how necessary!).  But inside it reminds me of a family owned place serving love in every slice.

When you walk in take a peek toward the kitchen.  You'll see a display case with some desserts.

We enjoyed our just desserts.  (That's why we tried to go easy on the Knots and pizza.)

A Caramel drizzled slice of Cheesecake for two dazzled with each bite.

It's a good thing Luigi's isn't next door or just one floor away from our house... there wouldn't be enough time left in the day to work it off in the gym.

Enjoy your visit to Luigi's, I sure did.