Love From the Oven

This blog isn't about Valentine's Day.

But, it's been said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I tend to think that may apply to women as well, although perhaps with dinners out.  (I could be incorrect on that point, I'll admit.)

The Quilter Cook makes baking mixes.  Brownie, Espresso Brownie, Beer Bread, Scones, Sugar Cookies, and different types of muffins are available either year-round or seasonally, depending on the mix.

Today The Quilter Cook is doing a demo scheduled from 12 to 3 with a variety of mixes on hand at Madison's West Towne location of Metcalfe's grocery store.

The QC is also featured at Madison's other Metcalfe's in the Hilldale Shopping Plaza.

Madison's FEED kitchen makes the venture possible for The QC and other budding food entrepreneurs.  Once licensed and armed with a business plan, those looking to break into the food biz can rent time in the professional kitchen on Madison's Northeast side.

It rents portions of its kitchen by the hour, so they can produce in a commercial kitchen but not have to dive deep into debt with renting their own place or purchasing their own equipment.

Last weekend, the FEED Kitchen held an open house with some of its vendors displaying their products.  From Food Trucks (they need a home base) to ready to eat bakery items to spices and sauces - there seems to be a little bit of everything going on at FEED.

With a little more than a year as a vendor, The Quilter Cook is doing quite well recently adding Raw Honey, several varieties of jelly, and salsa to the product line-up.

The mixes are made for people who love tasty comfort treats and want homemade without having to grab a cookbook or try to conjure it up from scratch.

They taste great and have developed a loyal following.  Some folks gave away mixes at Christmas while others love having an easy treat ready to make in a few minutes after pulling it from the cupboard.  In most cases, you just add the liquids - eggs, milk, butter - and away you go.

The name describes two of the loves in the owner's life: quilting and baking/cooking.  An interest in making quilts for people lead to online stories about a fictional community home to avid quilters and their local guild.  In the town was a friend of the quilt shop owner who ran a bakery and candy shop.
Soon, recipes from the "shop" appeared online.  Which lead to interest from readers who wanted to get hold of it for themselves.

Speaking gigs and more writing followed, but right now the best way to devour The Quilter Cook's work is with honey, jams, or a delicious make-it-yourself mix.

I'm sure you'll love 'em.  I've tried almost all the products the mixes create and their delicious.

I will admit to a possible bias with The Quilter Cook's product.

As it turns out, I loved it so much, I married the creator!