Badger Hockey

A good friend and I had a great time sitting behind the glass for the Wisconsin Women's hockey game with the Minnesota State University.

The Badgers won the game and beat them again Sunday afternoon.

On the year, these Badgers have just two blemishes - both to North Dakota.  A loss and a tie for their December games in Grand Forks.

It feels like this team has a real shot at their first Championship since 2011.

The team has been a perennial powerhouse since collegiate women's hockey began in 1999.  4 National titles and 2 time runner-up.

The women play in LaBahn arena next door to the much larger Kohl Center.  LaBahn is a perfect setting for hockey.

Seats close to the rink so you practically feel the breeze on an up ice rush.

Bucky on ice is easy to see and frequently found before the game for a hug and a photo.

Parking is free and tickets are just $5.  It's a great deal and great fun.

It helps to have such a great team on the ice.  Coached by Mark Johnson, who was a big part of the 1980 Miracle on Ice Olympic team, this squad appears to be a tight-knit unit which acts as one from the first line through the fourth.

The goalie is on fire with 16 shut-outs this year, breaking the team record.  Ann Marie Desbiens gives up barely half-a-goal a game.  That says a lot for the defense in front of her and the high quality of her work.

The home season is over, but it seems like a good bet they will host a couple of games in the West Collegiate Hockey Association conference play-offs and probably a couple games during the NCAA tournament.

I suggest you find a way to get inside.  Hockey is fun on TV, but much better in person.

One more series left for the regular season, at arch-rival Minnesota this weekend, I suspect the Badgers are ready for their next test.

Go Badgers!.