A Taste of Back Home

We lived in Augusta, Wisconsin from 1993 through 2005.

Many, many times while we lived there our family made the 10 minute drive over to Osseo to eat at the Norske Nook.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - it was wonderfully dependable with cheerful service, good food, and incredible desserts.

Yes, even for breakfast.  Eat breakfast at Norske Nook and you will be asked if you want a slice of pie when you finish your oatmeal, pancakes, eggs, or french toast.

And yes, a lot of people do.  (Life is too short!)

Norske Nook in downtown Osseo was on the Main Street.  It could require a wait to get in, but people smiled and waited.  A couple years after we moved to the area, they built a larger restaurant across the street and turned the original into more of a coffee and gift shop.

It was the one and only Norske Nook, and it was well-known.  Folks traveling the Interstate between the Twin Cities and Madison invariably found an excuse to pull of the highway for a piece o' pie or more at the Nook.

At the time, I was a representative with Aid Association for Lutherans (now Thrivent Financial).  One of my clients was the sister of the woman who started Norske Nook.  Her pies won national acclaim.

She was featured as a guest (with pie) on David Letterman!

Around 2000, she sold the restaurant and retired.  The new owner maintained the tradition of Norwegian decor and art inside and out.
Most importantly, the great food and hand-rolled pie crusts continued the way they were always made.  New Nooks popped up in Rice Lake and Hayward Wisconsin.

At last, Norske Nook came to Dane County!  It's location is in DeForest.  I noticed the distance from the Interstate exit to the store seemed identical to their Osseo location.

You'll find Norske Nook downtown DeForest under a majestic tree.

The location makes sense.  After all, the high school team's nickname are the Norskies!

We gave it a test run last weekend and were not disappointed.

My french toast was delicious.  The service cheerful and the atmosphere warm and inviting.

Fresh pastries and pies are ready to serve or purchase to take home.

This location is wrapping up its Grand Opening celebration.  When they first opened their doors, customers were lined up outside the door craving some Norskie goodness.

It's now more than 10 minutes from our place to their door, but I know before too long I could make the trip with my eyes closed.