What Would I (or You) Do IF?

It wasn't me with six lucky numbers.  Maybe one of my readers in Florida, Tennessee, or California had the right ones; if so, Congratulations!

For the rest of us, I wonder, "Did you have a plan?"

At least an immediate plan; after you meet with an attorney, an account, and wealth manager to make sure things are set for your income and some set aside for children.

Quit the job?

I don't know.  There is something nice about a job to provide a sense of purpose and way to serve others.  Although if money isn't a concern, the job could become a volunteer vocation.

Beyond that, I think the most exciting thing would be giving a lot of it away.

There are non-profits I know that could benefit from an infusion of cash.  Cash to pay down debt; create an endowment; or start a foundation which awards money each year to deserving people or organizations.

There are plenty of cautionary tales of lottery winners who became people they never wanted to be and others who managed to spend all the money and then some.

None of them expected the outcome when they were dancing with each matched number, but wrong turns, bad advice, and greed can ruin the best written screenplay.

The challenge starts with realizing how little most of us know when it comes to being wealthy and how to manage big piles of money.

Some advice that makes sense to me:  give away large percentages of the winnings; plan for your future and assist loved ones; then conservatively and safely invest the money left from each year's payment.

That's another thing - the conventional wisdom of opting for the lump-sum payout is adjusting to advocating for a 30 year payout.

Yes, please.  I think that'll work.

Funny to consider now is how most of us won't bother purchasing a Powerball ticket since the latest jackpot was "only"  a little more than $50 million.

Really, is that enough to get off the couch?