Under Construction

On our block, a new condominium is under construction.  It's captured my attention because it seems to be very important to somebody.

Workers have been on the job Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and a good chunk of every weekend for the past couple of weeks.

The sense of urgency could be related to the large crane which showed up to hoist rafters.  A week earlier, there wasn't a second floor.

Maybe there is another deadline approaching.  I don't know.

Journeymen and veteran laborers are working hard in uncomfortable conditions to get this built.

By uncomfortable, I don't mean cold weather for January, but the fact is working outside in the cold is tough on hands, feet, and everything else.

In our part of the world it's not feasible to wait for nice weather to work outside.  We find ways to get the job done, building on the lessons workers before us learned.

When we were building an addition to our home up north we told our friends and curious neighbors about the work we were doing.  We generally enjoyed the feeling of watching the addition go up a piece or two at a time.

Except when there were delays.  Then we were more than happy to point at the contractor and his employees.  You know, the people doing the actual work.

When it was finally done, it was back to being "our" house again.

So it is.  In our lives, in our work, and in the lives of those around us... we are under construction. We might hold a wrench, but our parents, colleagues, and friends are doing most of the work molding and helping us grow.

Here's a thank you to the hard working men and women who build lives; create homes; and help us become the men and women we are today.

Maybe you are working on some folks yourself and don't even know it.  Yet.