Packers Memo - What Kind of Wildcard?

The wild card is a Joker.

Too many losses, broken dreams, and broken plays send the Packers to our nation's capital next week to play Washington in the Wild Card round against the NFC East champ.

Instead of winning the NFC North for the fifth time, Minnesota took advantage of the Aaron Rodger's fumble/pass for the winning margin.

In a major script flip from past seasons, this year's team needs the defense to come up big each week.  They only gave up 13 to the Vikings, but it was too much.

When it seemed like the Packers had it in their hands, thanks to a fumbled kick return knocked loose by Green Bay's kicker (Mason Crosby, proving kickers are football players), they came up short on 4th down.

The defense held, forced a punt, and this time instead of their Hail Mary being answered - the doors were closed to many mumbled prayers.

After six wins to start the year, going 4 and 6 the rest of the way isn't inspiring confidence.

The Packer's coaching staff knows more about the game than I could ever know.  There must be valid reasons we seem to try executing the same plays and get the same results.

Would a fourth or fifth string receiver be able to beat a defender off the line?  I'm not sure, but I think it could be worth a try.

In the midst of crying and gnashing of teeth here in Packerland, I believe in the team's leadership. We have a talented team with some holes to be shored up with either new or healthier players.

Coach McCarthy didn't lose brain cells - he knows how to call a game.  It's just not working this year. As Vic Ketcham on the Packer's website says, "it's players, not plays."  He's right.  This is the team we have.

The new season begins Sunday.

It's a one game season as the Pack invades FedEx Field for the last game of the weekend at 3:40 on FOX.

The last time the Packers won the Super Bowl, they were a Wild Card team forced to play all their games on the road.  Hmm.  This is not that team by any stretch, but one fan is hoping lightning strikes again.  Go Pack!