Packers Memo - The Pack is Back

Back in the 1970s and 80s - ever hopeful fans placed this bumper sticker on their cars, "The Pack is Back."

It's a much different time now, but the sentiment feels true again.

The Packers' convincing 35 - 18 victory over Washington was what all of us (fans, pundits, and the team itself) have been waiting for all season.

Despite a troubling start with a Safety scored by the Washington defense - the team found its bearing clinging to an end zone pylon.

After falling behind 2-0; Washington moved down the field and appeared to score a touchdown on a pass to DeSean Jackson who tried to squeeze his foot and the ball inside the goal line marker.  A review found otherwise.  The Packer defense stiffened and three plays from the 1 came up empty and made to settle for a field goal.

A five point deficit is better than 9, and even with a score for the home team to reach an 11 point lead it was still a contest.

From there Aaron Rodgers and the offensive line found their bearing.  J.C. Tretter filled in admirably the rest of the way.  The Packers scored two touchdowns and a field goal in the second quarter to take a halftime lead.

You can read the details at, if you wish.  

What means the most is the feeling I had watching the game.

This was the team I've been looking for.  A confident swagger on offense and a tenacious and relentless battle on defense.  

In the middle of last week, Coach McCarthy set out his goal for his team in the playoffs: "We’ve had a chance to clean up our house and get it ready to showcase who the hell we are." 

Saturday night , the Packers return to Arizona where they were destroyed by the Cardinals.  

It will be a difficult game.  But with the team which just played Washington on the field in the Valley of the Sun, I will say I like our chances!

Go Pack, Go!