Packers Memo - Overtime then Outta Time

"With that, we have to win it."

Sadly, those words ended up as my last for the 2015 season.

A gutsy performance by the defense and plucky job by the offense kept the Green Bay Packers in the game and a second Hail Mary completion sent the Pack into overtime.

Then the floor dropped out from under the excited team, coaches, and all of us fans.

A scramble, a near sack, and awkward throw across the field goes 75 yards on first down.  The next play is a pitch pass for the score and just like that the Arizona Cardinals escaped with a 26 - 20 Divisional playoff victory.

I wrote last week I liked our chances in this game, and the team didn't disappoint.

The final result was disappointing, but the effort on display was worthy of the Green Bay Packers.

Every game has plays that could have made a difference.

The Cardinal touchdown which put them ahead in the fourth quarter had a missed call which would called back the score.  Before that Packer cornerback Sam Shields, playing for the first time in four games, had a clinching interception glance off his fingers.

Down 7 with less than 2 minutes on the clock, Aaron Rodgers started at his own 15.  The series went nowhere until 4th down when he connected downfield 61 yards for a first down.

With 12 seconds left, another Rodgers' prayer was answered when his pass lofted into the endzone came down in the hands of second year man Jeff Janis.  Tie score with no time left after the extra point.

The Packers kicked to start Overtime, and in two plays came the unhappy result.

Any season ending short of holding the trophy is a let down.

The season began with much promise and a quick 6 -0 start followed by a 4 -6 finish.  It's a season of might have beens and woulda - coulda - shoulda.

The 2016 team will feature some of the same players and coaches and many new faces.  There's free agency, the draft, and Optional Team Activities before the Packer Shareholder meeting, preseason, and the kickoff next season.

I can't wait.  Go Pack!