Packers Memo - Dreaming of Bookends

Last night it was my pleasure to watch the AFL-NFL World Championship on the NFL Network.

It was only referred to as the Super Bowl at the time, and by number III it was the official title of the National Football League's biggest game.  Even Super Bowl II wasn't officially "super."

The first one, featuring Green Bay representing the traditional National Football League as champs and the Kansas City Chiefs as the top of the upstart American Football League, was not such a big deal.

Tickets were $12 and the L.A. Coliseum wasn't full.  CBS and NBC each broadcast the game as the right's holder to "their" league.

It's even more difficult to believe, that no one seemed to have thought they should save the film of the game for posterity.  Consequently, there was no full game to be seen, just clips and chunks.

Until now.  The NFL Network, undoubtedly as part of their preparation for the 50th Super Bowl, were able to find film of each and every play of the game and assemble it with the 50 year old radio play by play and current commentary from some of the participants.

When I heard I could watch the game, I was pretty excited.  Alright, very excited.

Since I was 3 at the time, I don't remember it well.

I know the names and I've read the stories of gridiron greats who are still revered throughout Packer Nation, but it will be fun to take a trek back in time to televised football in a more simple and pure form.

I'm confident the Packers can beat the Chiefs again... let's go Pack!

And, this Packer's fan starts to dream a little about how nice a Super Bowl 50 (the league is giving up Roman Numerals this year, maybe because it is a big "L") Lombardi trophy would look as a bookend up there in Titletown.

Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, and Vince Lombardi got it done last night... time for Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Mike McCarthy to keep charging for a crown tonight.

Go Pack, Go!