Packers Memo - Be a Fan!

A fan of the Green Bay Packers I am.

As far back as I can look into my past I've loved the Pack.

Since 1992 it's been a pretty cushy gig.  Most of those years end in the playoffs and only a couple ended with losing seasons.

A whole generation of Packer fans never endured losing season after losing season.  Year upon year hoping for the quarterback to return the Title to Titletown or the running back who could usher in the Glory Days again.

For most of the 1970s and 80s, good seasons reached 7 or 8 victories.  But, if they did, the year which followed was reached by a long slide downhill.

The faithful still filled Lambeau and the rest of us watched every minute of every game.  Every preseason game as we watched and waited for the team of our dreams.

10 wins?  Ten wins would be winning the Publisher's Clearinghouse Grand Prize.

Here we are.  10 - 6 and many of the pundits, opinion makers, and some of the fans are unhappy. Disappointed.  We wonder what went wrong.

Reality happened.  In a year where the Pack wasn't at its best, we won 10 games and are in the playoffs.  One of six NFC teams with an opportunity to reach the Super Bowl.

We have a quarterback nearly every team still playing would trade for.  The defense is as good as its been since the team that won SB XXXI.

Sixteen games are history.  It's about today and 60 minutes of football in Washington.

This team can do it.  It won't be easy, but we can help pull them to a win.

Forget about griping about play-calling, penalties, or tough breaks.  Let's cheer, root, and support the Packers today, next week, and the week after that.  Knock three down the door to #50 swings open.

It starts today.  Let's go Pack.  Let's go PACK!  LET'S GO PACK!