Nature's View

The twin towns of Prairie du Sac and Sauk City are home to majesty.

But, on this year's trip to see them - I came up empty.

The photo at right was taken two years ago when America's symbol let me park my car within 15 feet of the tree he was perched in.  Then he stayed and let me take pictures for nearly 20 minutes before leaving.

On Sunday, I saw one immature Bald Eagle. Easily identified by its size, it hadn't achieved the white head and tail quite yer.

This winter we've missed out on most of the snow and we haven't been very cold either.

The open water on the Wisconsin River provides plenty of opportunities for eagles to find food without needing to congregate near the Alliant Energy dam just above Prairie du Sac to hunt for fish.

Maybe next time, I should call ahead to reserve a time when the birds are scheduled to fly, swoop, and hunt.

Just 40 years ago, these birds had nearly disappeared from our skies.

Even though I missed most of them on this trip. I'm grateful to know the birds and I will return.