Lou Gehrig? Cal Ripken? Not me

The streak is ending.

It's not a long streak by most standards.  Lou Gehrig played 2, 130 consecutive baseball games.  Cal Ripkin topped his record by playing 2,632.

January 2, 2013 is the last day I failed to post a blog.  In the last three years it was my goal to have something new and ready to read each morning at 7:30 Central Time in the United States.

One for each day equals 1,095 and there are a number of days during that time when I published twice.

Some days were much better than others.

There were days when I really didn't have much to write about, which is when the various "Wacky Holidays" came in handy to spur a thought or two.

This is blog post 1,223.  There are more to come, but I think we might both be better served if I write when I have something to say.

There's a thought.... maybe a blog idea, even.  "Only talk when you have something to say!"  (What a concept.)

There will be blogs about the Packers (hopefully through Super Bowl 50), Badgers, Bucks, and Brewers.  Blog posts about little diners and foods I like to eat.  Passages about bike rides and places I might visit.  Perhaps, I'll try a blog fiction series again.

And I'm guessing there will be stretches of everyday posts.

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Either way, that's OK - or just stop in from time to time.  I'll look forward to our talks.

Postscript:  The streak actually reached 1,096 days because of the Packer's Memo published January 4.   Just in case any future historians are checking out the veracity!  :-)