Holiday Birthdays

It's tough having a December or January birthday.

Lost in the holiday car wash of events and gift-buying can result in getting the dreaded "combination gift."

"Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas," is what almost every family member as they hand over two packages, both in Christmas paper and declare one is for each.

Worse, it's one package and it's designed to cover both occasions.

People born in July don't suffer such indignities!

I married a woman with an early January birthday.

Well before the wedding day rolled around, i was told part of the vows came specific contract language against combination gifts and severe penalties for wrapping birthday gifts in paper covered with trees and ornaments.

That day has rolled around again.  I'm ready with a gift and its covered in birthday paper from the dollar store.  My wrapping skills leave a lot to be desired, but I'm thinking since I've checked the requisite boxes, I won't be deducted too many points for poor wrapping execution.

Happy Birthday, dear!