Happy New Year!

Happy New Year is the greeting we give to all we meet.  Or we may, "Bonne Annee or Feliz Ano Nueveo," it still all means the same.

Another year brings more hopes and dreams and goals to achieve.

Potential and possibilities lie in wait for us; 366 times all told.

People make the world go round.  We also make it stop - how much better the whole earth would be if we help each other up.

Years serve as our file folders to organize our lives... we tuck away the smiles and occasional sad days.  We take them out to dust them off and contemplate them later.  Some will shine.  Some will cry.  We don't control what happens, just how we react.

Never, throughout the ages, has there been a perfect year.  I doubt '16 will be either.

Expect the best, prepare for worse.  As the year unfolds.  We'll both have days which hit the heights and others leave us cold.

When you tuck each day's edition behind you on the shelf - you decide how it went and what to improve upon in helping someone else.  A little self-reflection at night is a head start on new days.

Years have a personality.  This one will as well.  2016 will bluster with politicking speech.  It might be kind of prickly as we sit on edge and worry.

Each day has enough trouble of its own.  Therefore, don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  (Matthew 6:34 - slightly re-arranged to fit)

A joyful year, for you I wish.  Sun-kissed and wrapped in warmth for the paths of light and dark.  Joy isn't happiness... it's a feeling of assurance in the outcome of events.

Rejoice in all things new.  Rejoice in days gone bye.  A clean slate lays before us, all we can do is try.


2016 sounds like a year from those movies we watched to glimpse the future.  The future is now - my prayer for you and your family is a year of peace, comfort, and the strength for each day's journey.

And, allow me to wish a very happy anniversary to my sister and her husband with room on the cake for an extra candle to celebrate his birthday, too!