Episode VII - The Force Awakens

It was a family reunion.

We haven't gotten together that much through the years.  I won't forget the first time, way back in 1977, when we met and how intrigued I was by the gizmos; intergalactic flight; and good fighting evil.

For three years running we had a steady thing, then you disappeared for 16 years.  There was a lot of catching up to do, and, as sometimes happens there were some disappointment as we looked for things we still had in common.

Ten years ago, I thought it was the end of it and it was up to me to decide how the story went from there.

That's why seeing you again, this way, felt so good.

It was good to be make in the embrace of good friends I've not seen in a long time and be introduced to new people in pursuit of the same goal (or pursuing the folks seeking the light).

A rollicking, exciting, and thrilling ride on planets; between planets; and hurtling through space was popcorn chomping fun.

It didn't stop there.  We had quiet moments in the dark as our friends faced their past and uncertain futures.  Han, Leia, C3-PO, R2-D2, the Admiral, and Luke looked the same.  A little older, perhaps, but hey... who isn't?

Obi and Yoda may think the best way to learn the past is through the pages of dusty books, but in this mythic tale of the fight of good and evil there is something intergenerational and timeless of the story on film.

It's mine.  I was there at the start in a small triplex movie theater in the Janesville Mall.  But, it belongs to my kids, and their generation who came in at the start of the book much later than where I started in the middle.  I was in seventh grade when I saw the first one.

Now, it's like nothing's changed.  It's 28 years later and we haven't missed a beat, even finishing each other's sentences.

Like the other chapters in this story, I'll see episode VII again and again.   Welcome home Star Wars... welcome home.